About us

Schlicht Handelsgesellschaft is your professional business partner for cleaning technologies

From our location in Reinfeld, just outside Hamburg, we supply our European customers with cleaning technologies, special cleaning agents and solutions for maintenance and care as well as for the operation of plastic processing machines.

Schlicht Handelsgesellschaft was founded in 1995 as sister company of Rolf Schlicht GmbH. Since the beginning of 2018 Schlicht Handelsgesellschaft mbH acts as an independent company in a common location.

Cleaning Solutions for the Plastics Industry

Our expert solutions focus on chemical-mechanical cleaning of extruders, injection and blow molding machines. We offer cleaning technologies which ensure advanced operation of your machines and superior production performance.

With our cleaning products, you effectively remove material residues, deposits and burns on the screw, cylinder, nozzle or hot runner.

Our portfolio includes highly effective and efficient mold release agents, lubricants, tool and mold maintenance applications, rust and corrosion inhibitors and special cleaners. With our solutions, you increase the quality of your products, improve your production efficiency, reduce downtime, enhance the lifetime of your molding tools and machines to reduce manufacturing problems.

We offer a wide selection of internationally approved cleaning solutions compliant with food and medical standards.

Plastic Blasting Media

We offer superior plastic blasting. The Melamine & Urea based blasting media ensures excellent results for cleaning and activating surfaces on tools and machine parts, paint stripping, deflashing and surface preparation for painting of metal parts. The blast media is clean, easily applicable, can be used several times and is nontoxic.

Dry Ice Shot Blasting

As an alternative to chemical or mechanical cleaning processes, our new generation dry ice shot blasting units is an innovative and highly efficient technology for heavy duty. Dry ice has no residues and does not damage the surface of your parts which is the case when using other blasting methods. Dry ice cleaning is environmentally friendly, cost effective and suitable for extremely delicate components.

If you are looking for innovative, effective and economical cleaning technologies, we are the right partner for you. We are looking forward to meet you.